Small Design Process


Small Design Projects


Individual business cards, T-shirts etc.,.. 


1. Order

     ・First, fill in the form with questions, contact information, requests etc. (Please let me know if you have a reference or not)                               (FREE)   

               ・ If you prefer delivery of the projects by data, please let me know which software, version, file form, file size.

     (I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 on Macintosh.

     hand-painted art & digital art: JPEG, PDF, PING. Vector art & design : AI, EPS, PDF   ) 



                 I will email you back with an estimate and any enquiries., 



                ・If you agree with it, I'll start with planning and contact you by email.


2. Advance Arrangement 

               Please make sure you are able to view mails and pictures on a computer.

               Send me your required text (Word file or in an email) and any pictures etc., ( resolution 200dpi~, JPEG etc.,) 

               ・If I don't have your requested font, please send me your font data if you have it.

               ★ Please be sure to send me the text after proofreading and correction.

               (* If the number of characters will be substantially changed, the layout of the design may need to be changed,

                   so please be sure to send text that has been proofread)  





3. Offer the Idea Sketch

     I'll give you my 1st idea sketch (it's just a quick pencil sketch to give you an idea) sent as a JPEG by email


             ・Please pick best one from these ideas. 

           ・It's still possible to correct, add to, and change it.

             ・It's FREE to cancel until this stage.




4. Rough design submission

     If the idea sketch is confirmed, I'll start work on rough design on the computer. This is to clarify the image.


          At this stage the drafts are on layout paper.

           The fee for small corrections. Major content changes will cost 3,000 yen for 1 idea + Tax after the first three free ideas. 

           Cancellation at this stage incurs a fee of 30% of the estimate price.

           If you don't contact me within 7 days, I'll assume you have approved the design, so you will not able to corrector make additions or changes anymore.





5. Production cost payment
 If the rough sketch is confirmed, I'd like ask you to pay the starting fee of 50% of the estimate price within 2 weeks.


           Let me know if you need Invoice and receipt.





6. Provision of the Semi-final Design

    If the rough design is confirmed, I'll start work on the semi-final design. This stage will be close to the final design.

 I have to ask you to check the design, pictures, proofread text for the final design.


           ・If big contents change will charge 3000 yen + tax for 1 idea after the three ideas. 

           If you don't contact me back within 7days, I'll assume you have approved it, so you will not able to correct, addition, change anymore.


           ・Cancellation at this stage incurs a fee of 50% of the estimate price + material cost like papers.  





7. Addition fee payment

    If you incur additional fees, please pay within 2 weeks.


           Let me know if you need Invoice and receipt.





8. Delivery of the final project

    I'll delivery the outlined design after proofreading as AI or EPS data by email.

         (As far as the capacity can be permitted, I recommend sending data by email.)


          If you use email data delivery, it’s FREE to change data form, such as from EPS to AI etc.

          ・There is a special charge for substantial corrections after delivery, additions and changes.


            The customer will need to arrange printing themselves.