Ryoka Ayazaki

Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Live in Fukuoka city.


Illustrator/ Graphic designer


<Business activity>
Illustration / Graphic design / Translation ( Japanese & English )

<Brief career history>

After earning her Baccalaureate of Arts in the United States, she returned to Japan and worked as a freelance illustrator / graphic designer at an advertising studio. Later she joined the San Francisco Art Community to work as caricaturist and illustrator. Currently, working as a freelance illustrator/ graphic designer in Fukuoka, Japan.


<Business history>
•Illustration for English flash cards for English conversation school.  (Fukuoka, Japan) 2000
•Illustration for seashore signage. (Miyazaki, Japan) 2000
•Design for company invitation card. (TX, U.S.) 2002
•Joined San Francisco Art Community to work as caricaturist and illustrator. (CA, U.S.) 2004 - 2006
•Logo design for Company. (Fukuoka, Japan) 2007
•Light freelance translation and proofreading. (FL, CA, U.S.) 2000 - 2007
•Illustrations for 2008 New Year's card clip art. (Tokyo, Japan) 2007
•Illustration for map in Kyochiku area. (Fukuoka, Japan) 2010
•Logo for Tai chi association. (Fukuoka, Japan) 2010
•Caricature and cover design for book for English club. (Fukuoka, Japan) 2010
•Design for flyers, posters, catalogs, etc. (Fukuoka, Japan) 2008 - 2012


Baccalaureate of Arts (CA, U.S)
Member of Japan Illustrator's Association.


<PC skills>
Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Paint Pro.


<Favorite things and best subjects beside art>
English conversation
Dance, Tai chi, listening to music, movie viewing, reading (addicted to reading (*o*))
Going for walks in nature ( to catch inspiration for art♪)


Thanking you in advance : )