Illustration  Service & price

★Illustration Service


Enjoy the warm touch of hand painted illustration that is one of a kind!


For books, magazines, home pages, web, flyer, poster, catalog, menu, illustration map, character design or comics!



★Main Illustration Price

<Simple Illustration>  Postcard size:¥3,000+Tax~   A4:   ¥10,000 +Tax~      

Detailed Illustratio>  Postcard size:¥10,000Tax A4 : ¥32,400+Tax~  

                                                 A3 : ¥54,000+Tax~ B4: ¥43,200+Tax~


<Header for Web 1EA> ¥10,500+Tax~

<Banner for Web 1EA>Simple)¥3,000+Tax~ (Detailed)¥8,000+Tax~

<Smart phone stand by screen 1EA>(Simple)¥5,000+Tax~ (Detailed)¥10,000+Tax~


 < PC wallpaper>(Simple)¥10,000+Tax~ (Detailed)¥20,000+Tax~


Bookspublications・Paper media 

< Novels,magazinedepends on the media

        B/W 1EA: ¥3,000+Tax~ 

       Color 1EA:(Simple)¥5,000+Tax~ (Detailed)¥10,000+Tax~

       Cover 1EA:¥25,000+Tax~

< Picture book > A4, 1EA:¥15,000+Tax~


< Poster 1EA> ¥60,000+Tax~

< Postcard 1EA> ¥5,000+Tax~

< Menu etc>  Products 1EA ¥3,000+Tax~



Character Design 





Cover  (B/W) ¥10,000+Tax~  (Color)¥20,000+Tax~

Page  (B/W) ¥7,000+Tax~  (Color)¥10,000+Tax~

Four-panel  (B/W) ¥20,000+Tax~  (Color)¥30,000+Tax~



Planning Fee: Cost to consider whether the story for what kind of content

10 pages 20,000+Tax~  

16 pages 40,000+Tax~  

24 pages 60,000+Tax~  

32 pages 80,000+Tax~  



Indication of other charges


Depending on the content because there are different cases, please contact me.


If there is a secondary use in a different medium: Production fee+production fee ×50%

If you want to unlimited use in a different medium: Production fee x3

 *Above , transferable only "use rights (copyright)"


 *Since copyright is not transferred, please note " © Ryoka Ayazaki " If you want to publish.


Trademark registration etc., production of secondary work etc., if there is a need to transfer the copyright

: Production fee ×5~10 



※ Please note, content, price may be subject to change.