Design Service & Price

Graphic design price

Do you need a business card, PR flyer or T shirt?

Flyers, business cards, brochures, catalogs, posters, postcards, T-shirt designs, logo designs, data tracing (if you need to make your logo into data etc.)


<Business card (one side) > ¥7,000+Tax~

<flyer (one side) > ¥15,000+Tax~
<Logo design> ¥35,000+Tax~  ·Only to tracing of customers’ own designs  ¥10,000+Tax~<Direct mail (one side) > ¥15,000+Tax~

<Brochure> (2 side) ¥25,000+Tax~ (+ 1page EA ¥3,000+Tax~)

<Poster> ¥30,000+Tax~

<Trace of data> ¥10,000+Tax~

<Postcard design> ¥5,000+Tax~

<Greeting card design> ¥10,000+Tax~


<T-shirts design> ¥15,000+Tax~