The flow of delivery of goods


★ About the Illustration and design, price depends on precision of work needed, style, time, additions, corrections, work hours, number of roughs and sketches, size, medium etc.

★Cancellation is free at the estimate and rough idea stages, but it incurs production expense after start of work (30% for illustration sketch stage / design draft stage. 50% for Illustration coloration stage / design semi final stage).

★Correction charges: at the final stage (after the coloring illustration) of hand-drawn illustration, it is impossible to make corrections so there is an extra charge for big changes. (This depends on the kind of art and level, but the minimum will be 50%~ of the total cost.

For pencil drawn stages such as rough sketches, corrections are ok unless drastic changes are needed. (it is impossible to make corrections after trace on the water color paper for hand-drawn)

★ Changing the format of the data is free. (I use Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 for Mac, so please let me know your version) 

★ If you prefer data submitted by CD-R, the charge is ¥1,050 + Shipping for oversea.

★Also, for original illustration, there is a fee for postage.

Contents and  prices are subject to change..